Phaner furcifer electromontis

Phaner electromontis Groves and Tattersall, 1991

English: Amber Mountain Fork-marked Lemur
French: Phaner de la Montagne d'Ambre, Lémurien à Fourche de la Montagne d'Ambre
German: Gabbelstreifenmaki
Dutch: Amberberg Vorkstreepmaki
Malagasy: Tantaraolana, Tanta

This species is the second largest Phaner, with variable but relatively light dorsal coloration (light grey to silver) combined with a thick, black, well-defined fork mark on the head and dorsal stripe, which extends on to the rump. Hands and feet are slightly darker than dorsum; the tail is considerably longer than head plus body, and dark in colour only in its distal third. Teeth are small compared to the very large skull size.

Localized on the Mt. d'Ambre in northern Madagascar. Precise limits unknown; localities of all specimens given simply as 'Mt. d'Ambre'.

Type locality
Montagne d'Ambre (Ambohitra), northern Madagascar, approximately 12°40'S, 49°10'E.

With only 3 specimens to hand, this is the least well founded in systematic material of all of the species of Phaner that were formally recognized by Groves and Tattersall, 1991. Nonetheless, the specimens known are consistently distinguishable from Phaner of other regions of Madagascar.