Infraorder Lemuriformes

Gregory, 1915

The infraorder Lemuriformes and the extinct infraorder Adapiformes together form the suborder Strepsirhini. Within the order Primates and also within the class Mammalia, the infraorder Lemuriformes can be distinguished by their toothcomb, made up of the lower jaw incisors and incisiform canines.
The infraorder Lemuriformes contains the superfamily Loroidae (including; family Loridae [Lorises and Pottos] and family Galagonidae [Bush Babies]) and the superfamily Lemuroidea (including; family Cheirogaleidae, family Lepilemuridae, family Lemuridae, family Indriidae and family Daubentoniidae)(Infraorder Lemuriformes).
The family Galagonidae (galagos) are from Africa, the family Loridae from Southeast Asia (lorises) and Africa (pottos). The superfamily Lemuroidea can be found at Madagascar and Comoros.